Siku 3292 - John Deere 8R 410 Tractor on Duals - New 2024 - Scale 1:32

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443 HP. 9.0 litre engine with 6 cylinders. A service weight of a full 14 tons. The 8R 410 is one of John Deere’s most powerful tractors.

Its power electronics with the new eAutoPower transmission with seamless gear change provides immediate torque and extremely quiet running, even under demanding conditions.

The wheelbase of the double tyres is a healthy 3.05 metres – what an impressive colossus! However, at the same time it is one of the most reliable and flexible partners for use in the fields and for transport on the road.

Siku Farmer presents the 8R 410 in a special edition with double wheels, as an exclusive further development of the existing model:

Perfect in form, and reproducing in small scale the original tractor down to the smallest detail, the 8R 410 offers an outstanding play experience for tractor fans young and old. Bonnet, front and rear fenders, and the chassis of the model tractor are made of metal, and they defy wind and weather when playing indoors and outdoors.

The beautiful John Deere rims are surrounded by massive double tyres made of rubberised material, and naturally with the original agricultural profile for optimum grip under all ground conditions.

The new enlarged driver’s cab with the folding mirrors also provides even better vision and overview when working in the fields or the farmyard.

The cab can be removed, not only making entry easier for the driver, but also providing improved access to the steering wheel.

This can be used to steer the tractor, and thus facilitates an even more realistic play and driving experience:

Axle pivot steering on the front axle means that the tractor is easy to manoeuvre. In addition, the standard SIKU front and rear coupling made of metal, with movable elements, makes it possible to raise and lower agricultural machinery.

With this model, as always with Siku, the headlights and lamps are printed on, true to the original.

Dimensions WxLxH (in mm): 203x155x113



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