DC Comics Justice League

Schleich brings now the DC Comics heros to the childrens rooms. Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and the Flash are fighting agains the bad guys.

The heros are available single packed or in scenery packs.

Schleich 22552 - Catwoman DC Justice League #17

CATWOMAN is a fantastic thief. She’s usually Batman’s opponent, but sometimes she fights on his side too. She enjoys the thrilling game of cat and mouse with BATMAN and the police. All DC characters a...


Schleich 22554 - Shazam! DC Justice League #16

SHAZAM! is a Super Hero with extraordinary powers. He is super fast and super strong, invulnerable, extremely wise and able to fly. All DC characters and elements © & TM DC Comics. Age 3+...


Schleich 22566 - Cyborg DC Comics - Justice League Movie

Cyborg is half human, half machine. His real name is Victor Stone, a man who actually died in a tragic accident, but was transformed into a superhero by cybertechnology. His highly technical machine b...