Sylvanian Families Town

Welcome to the wonderful world of Sylvanian Families! The Sylvanian Families live in the idyllic world of Sylvania and encourage traditional family life play incorporating houses, furniture, accessories and memorable characters all with incredible detail that you'll love.

The newest addition is the town with shops and the tram.

Sylvanian Families 6001 - Dress Up Duo Set - Town

The dress up duo set is a gorgeous two figure set containing the chocolate rabbit mother and girl in elegant dresses. They wear special satin clothing with golden brooches for going out to town. Lovel...


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Sylvanian Families 6002 - Chocolate Rabbit Stella - Town

Stella, the Chocolate Rabbit older sister works in town and designs beautiful dresses. She knows that everyone loves flowers and birthstones, so she uses those in her designs so that every customer ca...


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Sylvanian Families 6005 Light up Street Lamp - Town

The Light Up Street Lamp is a real working lamp that gives a warm glow to the town scenery. You can enjoy two lighting modes: regular mode and flickering mode. You can create nice town scenery by comb...


Sylvanian Families 6007 Ride Along Tram - Town

The Ride Along Tram takes everyone to all the nice places around town. This elegant tram is red and gold with beautiful engravings and the wheels and the doors really work. The seats are detachable, s...


Sylvanian Families 6008 - Creamy Gelato Shop - Town

The Creamy Gelato Shop serves sweet and delicious gelatos in town. The set includes a lovely sky blue shop building, counter, table, and colourful gelatos. You can put the gelatos in cones. The shop b...


Sylvanian Families 6009 - Violin Concert Set - Town

The Violin Concert Set is a figure and accessory set of the Chocolate Rabbit girl and a violin. The Chocolate Rabbit girl has special hands to hold the violin and bow. She wears a gorgeous red satin d...


Sylvanian Families 6010 - Cello Concert Set - Town

The Cello Concert Set is a figure and accessory set containing the Silk Cat girl and cello. The Silk Cat girl has special hands to hold the cello and bow. She wears a gorgeous purple satin dress, with...


Sylvanian Families 6011 - Grand Piano Concert Set - Town

The Grand Piano Concert Set is a figure and accessory set containing Lionel the Lion pianist and a grand piano. The Lion pianist has special hands to touch the keyboard. He wears a stylish tuxedo, per...


Sylvanian Families 6012 - Tea and Treats Set - Town

The Tea and Treats Set is a furniture set containing a garden table, chairs, and tea party accessories for two. The furniture is designed with detailed, gorgeous engravings. There are three types of m...


Sylvanian Families 6018 - Delicious Restaurant - Town

A lovely two-story restaurant with a stand-out spiral staircase! The Delicious Restaurant serves the finest food in town. The Chocolate Rabbit father is the chef. Set the fences, aisle, staircase, an...


Sylvanian Families 6022 - Department Store Gift Set - Town

The Grand Department Store is a gorgeous department store in town with fancy decorations and engravings. The set comes with a two-storey department store building and an entrance tower. You can open a...