Siku 2358 - Dodge RAM 1500 with Balloon Tyres Monster Truck New 2022 - 1:50 Scale

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DODGE RAM 1500 WITH BALLOON TYRES This beloved US custom variant of the Dodge RAM not only has flames on the bodywork, but fire up front too: 395 HP under the bonnet! The front is decorated with the brawny head of a ram, symbolising power and strength. The well-known bull bar, a massive frontal protector, reinforces the particularly robust appearance. A frame positioned on the cargo area supports a lighting unit with four spotlights. The bodywork of this siku model is made of metal, and the bonnet, doors, and rear flap can be opened. Each of its axles is individually sprung, and the wheels can be changed. As a high-chassis custom variant in bright orange with particularly thick and broad balloon tyres and flames printed on both sides, the RAM 1500 creates an impressive appearance often seen on American highways. Features: Model consists of metal with plastic parts and rubber tires. Doors can be opened LKW49 wheeltype Exchangable tyres Working suspension

Product dimensions w x d x h (mm) 120x56x63

Age 3+


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