Siku 1849 - MAN TGA Heavy Herlage Transporter With Drettmann Yacht - Scale 1:87

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Even to a small 1:87 scale, a super yacht on a heavy haulage lorry transporter is still a monumental model that only the super rich can afford in real life. The Drettmann yacht floats and its many design details outside and inside are inspiring. The chunky, though in comparison, almost light-weight MAN heavy haulage transporter with flat-bed trailer easily takes care of this load. The seven axles, with rubber tyres, transport the luxury, high-value load safely and steadily on all onward journeys.

Model scale: 1:87

Model construction: Die cast metal and plastic

Model code: 1849

Dimensions: 26,6/5,6/11,7 cm

Ages: 3+


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