Playmobil 71007 - Wiltopia Animal Clinic

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Get hands on with caring for the wildlife at the Playmobil Wiltopia Animal Clinic!

Use the indoor space with exam table to check the animals and administer treatment. Then, house the injured creatures in one of the outdoor enclosures complete with trees and food, where they can recover safely and comfortably. For small animals that need to be kept warm, the clinic has three stalls with heat lamps to keep the space nice and toasty.

When not helping animals, hop into the rowboat to explore the jungle and locate any animals in need of help. Afterwards, secure the boat at the dock and use the outdoor pulley system to maneuver supplies into the clinic.

Using the enclosed collectible animal card with the Wiltopia app, kids can learn all about the animals and their habitats and even take a selfie with them by projecting the animals right into their home via AR

Suitable for ages 4+


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