Bruder 62600 - bworld Farming Set - Scale 1:16

  • Bruder 62600 - bworld Farming Set - Scale 1:16
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Dairy farming is an important component of our European farms. Unfortunately the nutritional value is not always reflected in the offering of the supermarkets relative to pricing. The topic of food production also gets an emphasis through the new bworld figures and building series. The figure set includes a cow, as well as a paddock for free-range farming. This milk production environment suitable for organic production includes the necessary milk churns for transporting the milk. To facilitate the farmer's milking activity, a milking stool is included in the set. Caring for the Fleckvieh cow is also important. Consequently the most important tools, such as broom, pitchfork and rake are provided. Feed trough, hay rack, supplement the paddock. Details, such as the pedigree chart of the cow round out the overall picture.

- rake
- pitchfork
- besom
- 2 milk churns
- bucket
- complete play environment with cow and paddock
- numerous accessories
- milking stool
- feed trough, hay rack, name plate

inkl. Man brunette with boots, Art.-Nr. 60010:
- 3-dimensional moveable limbs and head
- hands can grasp objects or hold onto vehicles
- 4-component plastic parts. Limbs are mounted through the manufacturing process
- The figure series consists of a woman and a man. The individual characters are differentiated by hair colour, colour of clothing and footwear.
- likeable character with an impression that is as realistic as possible - just like the real thing - the credo of the Pro series is the standard here as well
- parts colours are of dyed plastic, printing on several points on the head and body

Recommended age: from 4 years upwards

Figures can have clothing in different colors.


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