Australian Railway Models 87051 NSWGR D55 K Class 2-8-0 5503 Consolidation Steam Locomotive Oil Tender - 1:87

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In 1916, Clyde Engineering were contracted to produce the K Class locomotives. The first K Class, 1353 entered service in 1918, but the NSWGR wanted extensive testing, so the next K Class wasn't produced for another 2 years. During this time, the order had been reduved from an original 300 locomotives to 120. All 120 locomotives were in service by 1925 and fitted with large capacity Wampu tenders. The K Class locomotives featured tapered boilers and the uncommon "Southern Valve Gear". As part of the NSW reclassification scheme in 1924, the K Class became the D55 Class.

Industrial unrest after World War 2 threatened coal supplies, 70 of the existing D55s were converted to run on oil fuel. Once the unrest had past only 16 D55 locomotives were converted back to coal, the remaining oil fired D55s were retired fir to cost of oil being more expensive than coal.

The first D55 Class Locomotive to be conterted to an Oil burner, was the 5502 in 1946.

  • Detailed cabin interior including floating foot plate
  • Separately applied body detailed body parts
  • Pivoting bogies
  • Realistic mechanical mechanisms
  • Authentic knuckle style coupler on both Locomotive and Tender
  • Dual position drawbar for close tender coupling
  • HO Gauge & DCC Ready

Age 14+


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