Schleich 42344 Horse Stable Riding Centre with Horses and Accessories Horse Club New 2016

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The new stable building is ready. With its green doors and pink windows, it looks simply incredible. Lissi and the other girls can’t wait. The horses are in big stalls. They have bales of straw and feed, but they all want to ride out first.


12 x Paddock fence sections
2 x Arab horses (horse and foal)
1 x Riding set with rider
2 x Hay and straw bales
4 x Feeding troughs
1 x Green apples
1 x Carrots
2 x Flower boxes
1 x Grooming set and box
1 x Chequered blanket
1 x Sticker set

Dimensions when assembled: 56.5cm long x 39cm wide x 26cm high  

Requires assembly. 

Age 5-12


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