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The Pedalflow is an innovative, compact, folding bike, without a seat! Designed for short commutes, the Pedalflow is great for the "last mile" to the office, rolling around the marina, or showing off on your way to town. Fun to ride and easy to carry, the Pedalflow also is useful as transport on campus. One of the most important benefits of no seat or crossbar is that getting on and off is quick and easy. It also lowers the weight. At only 16 lbs, the Pedaflow is one of the lightest-weight folding bikes on the market. The lighter weight makes it convenient to carry inside or on to public transport, using the lowered handlebar to carry it. Maintenance is simple, with no cables to worry about as the backpedal brake is built into the rear wheel hub and never needs replacing or adjusting. The cast aluminum wheels and rugged tires are suitable for all surfaces, so you can take the Pedalflow just about anywhere.

Ride, fold, carry, repeat. No seat, no problem.

Designed for adults and teens.

Please note, this product features pneumatic (air-filled) tires that may need to be inflated prior to riding. Upon receipt of the product, please check that tires are fully inflated to 80 PSI and add air as needed.

The Pedalflow is designed for short commutes and is best on relatively flat terrain. It is recommended for those that have achieved a certain level of fitness because the rider is standing throughout the ride. The Pedalflow is perfect if you are going a mile or two, but some riders regularly cover distances of 3-5 miles. It requires more effort on inclines as the fixed gear ratio has been optimized for standing. Not recommended for hilly terrain. 
The Pedalflow is a great work out!  A tip for riding the longer distances is to re-position your feet on the pedals at intervals to avoid calf fatigue. Alternating the two foot positions - between the ball of the foot and the middle of the foot - will activate different muscles providing a great workout without fatigue. 
The high fixed ratio of the Pedalflow is optimized for a standing ride - so it requires less turns than a typical bicycle. Because of the high fixed ratio when starting off it is best to put one foot on the fully down pedal and push off with the other as you would do with a scooter. Then bring the other foot on board and pedal yourself to peak fitness!
Try going really slow on your Pedalflow - you will be amazed at how slow you can go and stay in control, as the lack of obstruction posed by a seat means you can balance this baby really well. 



  • Age Range: Teen - Adult
  • Max Load: 100kg
  • Weight 7.3 g
  • Wheel Size: 32cm
  • Handlebar Height: 110cm
  • Folds down to 80x51x35


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