Playmobil 9135 - Mystical Fairy Glen - Fairies

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at the waterfall. Each flower petal moves and when they do so, the fairy baby appears on the glittering middle of the flower with colour changing lights (requires 3 x 1.5 V micro batteries).

- The fairy baby does not move, and the wing element is detachable.- There is a cave to the side behind the waterfall.
- The light module with a colour-changing LED is located under the transparent and glittering middle of the flower. This means it is illuminated from below by a colour-changing light display.There is a button on the base at the bottom of the flower which is used to switch on the light display. The light can be switched off at any time by pressing the button again. Auto power-off: approx. 4 minutes
- A fairy baby can be placed on the middle of the flower.
– The individual flower petals move so that the flower can open and close again.

Age 4-10


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