Pathfinders - Medieval Siege Tower Wood

  • Pathfinders - Medieval Siege Tower Wood
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The Siege Tower was use by invading armies to breach the walls of the castle they were attacking. They varied in size and construction, but the one we have here is typical of the styles used from about 900 BC to the medieval times as attackers tried to get over the walls of a castle. Because of its size and cumbersome shape, it was often constructed at the siege site, and as it rolled towards the castle every effort to bombard it with rock, arrows and fire would have been made. This tower, like many, would have had a catapult in the top to return the fire, along with archers, firing at the defenders in the castle. They were often covered in leather, (to prevent them form being burned) and some even had battering rams in the bottom, but they all had to be tall enough so when the drawbridge went down the invaders could attack over the wall. Some siege towers were huge – up to 135 feet tall (!) and could carry hundreds of archers and warriors at a time as they were slowly rolled up to fortifications they wanted to attack. This incredibly sturdy tabletop model will give hours (years!) of reliable sieging around the house and back yard. Like all of our kits, this one is pegged for great strength and authenticity and will give you that cool siege feeling with the firing catapult on the top. Each piece is pre-cut and pre-drilled for ease of assembly and strength. All dowels are cut to size! – all you need is a ruler to measure them! An easy to raise and lower drawbridge. Fully working catapult in the top –and we include some soft play dough to fire. Removable ladders, to keep uninvited Lego men out of the upper levels. All natural and untreated wood – no paint or coatings on any piece! Easy to follow instructions in a couple of languages – nice! With a working drawbridge, catapult and removable ladders, we think this is the finest all wood siege tower you can find anywhere, and it stands over 30 cm (14 inches) tall.


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