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This is the ultimate technology set! Children will certainly have fun assembling 22 different models with this 271 piece set. Complete with a solar panel capable of generating 4.5V solar energy, windmill blades to generate electricity and buoyancy bottles for water transport, your child will spend hours building!

Includes a 60 page manual. Requires 2 x AAA rechargeable batteries, not Included.


● Little builders will certainly have fun!

● You can assemble 22 different models one after another; plane, helicopter, racing car and exciting exploration robots!

● Depending on the selected model, the engine will be powered by sun power and it will turn, move back and forth and even navigate on water!

● Whatever the power of the sun, thanks to the large solar mirrors and the high performance of the solar panels, your machine will be perfectly powered and ready to go!

● The solar panel can generate 4.5V solar energy.

● Gear reduction ratio and increased gearbox torque: the motor has different sets of built-in compound gear trains; gear reduction of 33.75 and torque increase of 33.75.

● The motor has 3 channel mode switches and a charging function.

● Capable of charging two AAA rechargeable batteries (1.5V) during model operation.

● The sun collector can be used to intensify sunlight for the solar panel which helps increase power supply during overcast or rainy days. Also ideal during darker winter days. Increasing power supply allows longer indoor play-time.

● The buoyancy bottle and propeller allow the models to float and glide back-and-forth on the water surface.

Age 8+



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