Fischertechnik 520398 - Power Machines - 2 Models

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Gigantic: Nearly 1.40 m long, almost 80 cm high with 1,500 parts this construction kit sets new standards! This breath-taking bucket wheel excavator offers a variety of realistic features. The bucket wheel deposits the excavated material directly onto the conveyor belt for disposal. The excavator arm can be lifted and lowered. The entire excavator can be swiveled on the chassis platform with three crawler track units. A second crane model (1,70m high) can also be built. Both models can be motorized with the PLUS sets, equipped with light and sound as well as remote control. With XS motor!

• Ideal additions: Motor Set XS · Motor Set XM · Sound+Lights · Control Set·  Power Set · Accu Set

Size 46,5x16,0x39,0 cm
Number of parts 1500

Age 7+


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