Fischertechnik 505286 - ROBO TX Training Lab

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COMPUTING beginner construction set with everything you need for this: Consisting of 310 components for the building of six mobile robot models, for example, driverless transport system, obstacle detector and trail searcher etc., two encoder motors for exact positioning, „Motor XS“, infrared trail sensor, two sensing devices. It also includes the compact and powerful „ROBO TX Controller“ with Bluetooth radio interface, 32-bit processor (200 MHz), eight universal inputs and 8 MB RAM (2 MB flash), including software „ROBO Pro“ for programing. The extensive accessories provide many possibilities for creativity.

  • Includes the didactic activity booklet, „Programing and Control of fischertechnik Robots with the PC.“
  • Includes ROBO TX Controller, software ROBO Pro
  • Includes 2 each encoder motors, Motor XS, infrared trail sensor, 2 each sensing devices
  • Additionally required is Accu Set



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