Voila S543E - Eco-House with Furniture

  • Voila S543E - Eco-House with Furniture
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The Eco-house was developed to familiarize children with the ecological aspects of a modern home. The basic features of an ecological house are represented visually: - large windows to maximize airflow and interior lighting, - solar panels silk screened on the removable roof panel, - a wind turbine to generate electricity, - a tank for waste-water treatment, - color-coded bins for recycling garbage, - as well as plants grown for aesthetic and practical purposes. On the interior walls you will find a flat-screen TV and pictures that help to create a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere. Iincluded is simple and attractive furniture that children will enjoy playing with: - A living room with a sofa, lounge chair, side table with lamp, potted plant and fish pond. - A modern dining table with 4 chairs. - An open kitchen with sink, washing-machine, cupboard, refrigerator and stove with hood. - A bathroom with washbasin, mirror, toilet and shower stall with clear partition. - A bedroom set with a wardrobe, desk, lamp, chair, and large bed (bedding and blanket included). - A children's bedroom set with side table, lamp, 2 single beds (bedding and blankets included). - 2 colorful area rugs shaped like flowers.


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