Carrera 30888 Digital 1:32 Porsche 917 K No 26 Slot Car

  • Carrera 30888 Digital 1:32 Porsche 917 K  No 26 Slot Car
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Honour to whom honour is due! The Porsche 917K plays a very important role in the history of motor racing. Especially in the 70's the vehicle was able to celebrate great successes in the endurance sector and is therefore nowadays referred to as the "racing car of the century". Although the Porsche 917 represented a big financial risk as the development costs were immense and the sales success to private customers and racing teams was not guaranteed. Even today, this impressive car from that by-gone time has lost nothing of its fascination. Over the years different versions have been produced. With this short tail model you could now see the intake funnels and the horizontal fan wheel positioned freely in the air stream. This new look made a good impression

Compete in a duel with the Porsche 917K
The Porsche license ensures that the slot car on a scale of 1:32 is in no way inferior to its big brother. So he gets all the credit he deserves at the race track. The classic speedster shows its competitors who has the power under the bonnet and will no doubt become the hero of the race in the next match. Continue the success enjoyed by the original and earn yourself a place on the podium. Because who wouldn't want to sit behind this steering wheel?

Very detailed digital Carrera car with realistic acceleration and breaking. Can be coded to a digital controller


  • Headlights, 100% realistic rear and brake light functionality
  • Can also be run on a analog track Carrera Evolution
  • The 1:32 Cars are between 11 and 14cm long
  • Car comes in Display Case

Age 8+


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