Carrera 30867 Digital 1:32 Carrera Tow Truck Towing Service

  • Carrera 30867 Digital 1:32 Carrera Tow Truck Towing Service
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It’s not just racing cars that you want to see zooming around your track? Then this stylish tow truck is exactly what you need to change all that. It's almost too good to just sit in the display case. It’s just begging to be thrown around the race track and show just what it can do. But racing this vehicle is not the only thing it has to offer. Thanks to its special functions, it has even more to offer. It can tow your other Carrera cars to the pit lane after an accident using his towing fork

Towing vehicle for the race track
The Carrera DIGITAL 132 Carrera Wrecker Slot Car inspires all with its front lights and impressive workmanship. This Carrera car can be coded individually, while users enjoy digital control and experience real driving pleasure. Light and sound effects round off the thrills to be had with the Carrera DIGITAL 132 race track.

  • Wrecker Slot Car, the Carrera Towing Service
  • DIGITAL 132
  • Light and sound effects

  • Very detailed digital Carrera car with realistic acceleration and breaking.

    Can be coded to a digital controller Equipped with front and rear lights.

    Can also be run on a analog track Carrera Evolution

    The 1:32 Cars are between 11 and 14cm long Car comes in Display Case


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