Carrera 30197 - Digital 1:32 80' Flashback BMW M1 vs Ford Capri Slot Car Set with Wireless Controllers

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The set with cult status The tracks start to vibrate when these racers hit the circuit. Mario Andretti's BMW M1 Procar and the Ford Capri Zakspeed Turbo run by the Würth-Kraus-Zakspeed team use the whole bendy 8.2-metre/26.9 ft. Carrera racing circuit to show what they're capable of. Risky overtaking manoeuvres, lane changes and drifts push the drivers to the limits of their concentration. 2.4 GHz WIRELESS+ Technology and a wireless, ultra-light handset guarantee complete freedom of movement for drivers. These faithfully reproduced classics should be a part of every Carrera collection!

Dimensions when assembled: 9.84 x 5.94 ft (300 x 180 cm)

Total track length: 26.9 ft (8.2 m)


1 Ford Capri Zakspeed Turbo

1 BMW M1 Procar

1 Double lane change section

1 Lane change curve

4 x Standard straights

13 x 1/60 Curves

7 x 1/3 Straight Pieces of Track

1 Wireless+ Double charging station

2 Wireless+ Speed Controllers

1 Wireless+ Receiver

1 Carrera DIGITAL 124/132 Control Unit

1 Carrera DIGITAL 132 transformer

Instruction manual

Age 8+


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