Bruder 03053 - John Deere 7930 Forestry Tractor - Scale 1:16

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Due to the sharply increasing consumption of energy worldwide, renewable energies are quickly growing in importance. Wood from forestry is one of the most efficient bioenergy sources there is. So every little forest worker can be proud of their contribution as they re-enact typical forestry scenes with the functional BRUDER vehicles and figures.
The John Deere forestry tractor has a swivelling crane, the height of which can be adjusted, and which has a newly developed grabber with automatic closing mechanism. The John Deere 7930 has become a real forestry all-rounder thanks to the true-to-detail roll bar and the removable blade with integrated cable winch. The com-prehensive functions, several possible extensions and the visual appeal of the forestry tractor mean the fun will never stop.


- cabin windows made of transparent and high-quality polycarbonate
- the outer jib can be pulled out to its end position and pushed back in again via various notches
- loading crane grabber for loading and unloading
- Tow coupling with height-adjustable lifting gear
- mounting adaptor for front-mounted equipment
- engine bonnet can be opened
- steerable and off-road front axle
- retrofittable twin tyres
- tread tyres
- additional steering rod allows steering through the sliding tractor roof
- removable rear coupling on blade
- blade with integrated cable winch can be removed

Article number: 03053
Size: 43.5 x 17.5 x 28.5 cm
Recommended age: from 4 years upwards


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