Bruder 02140 - JLG 2505 Telescopic Loader - Scale 1:16

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The JLG telescopic loader is a true all-rounder. Do large amounts of earth have to be shovelled? Or delicate goods loaded onto palettes? The JLG telescopic loader is a reliable and effective partner in any situation. Its small size and the greatly extendable telescopic arm are exactly what make it the number one choice for many different locations of use. The JLG model is carefully controlled with four accentuated silver turning handles. Besides the adjustable arm height, the extendibility of the arm and alterability of the angle of the tool holder, the telescopic loader has fully functional four-wheel steering. This makes steering both the JLG telescopic loader and the Bruder model as easy as child's play.


- the telescopic arm is extended and its height adjusted with the top rotary knob

- changeable front loader scoop

- The angle of the bucket can be adjusted using the silver turning handle

- drawbar coupling

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- Four-wheel steering with silver handle

- tread tyres

Article number.: 02140

Size: 33.5 x 14.2 x 14 cm

Recommended age: 3+ years


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