Bruder 02017 - John Deere Big Balepress - 1:16 Scale

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The snap-down stabiliser gives the John Deere Big Pack Big bale press secure support. The big bale press has cord bins that can be opened. The service flap with press mechanism can also be opened. The hay rake is driven in drive mode where two hay bales can be automatically transported to the discharge chute. The hay bale chute can be tilted up in two stages by chains. The John Deere Big Pack Big bale press is suitable for all tractors of the Profi series (not included).


- 2 bales of hay are automatically transported to the chute in drive mode
- driven hay rake
- stabiliser snaps down
- cord bin can be opened
- hay bale chute folds upwards in two stages with chains
- service flap/press mechanism can be opened

Article number.: 02017
Size: 39 x 14.5 x 16 cm
Recommended age: from 3 years upwards



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